Who is Sophia Kupse?

I am an author, health expert and qualified holistic practitioner working with Eastern & Western therapies for over 25 years. Founder of one of the most advanced back pain treatments in complementary medicine, the ‘Langellotti Tri-Therapy’ (LT Therapy as it is generally known), favoured by actress Liv Tyler, Jodie Kidd, Camilla Sacre-Dellarup from Strictly Come Dancing and BBC Radio 2 presenter, Janey Lee Grace.

My work is well documented in the press such as Tatler magazine, Vogue, the Daily Express and the Daily Mail. I am regularly asked to be a specialist guest on ‘The Kay Adams Show’ on BBC Radio Scotland.

How my journey began……                       

I fell in love with natural medicine from the age of five, when I discovered that a simple dock leaf could heal a nettle sting. I always helped my father in his allotment, growing wild flowers and a variety of plants to heal mind and body. My passion in holistic medicine was deep rooted having been brought up in a European household; my father was Hungarian and my mother is Italian. My mother an amazing cook (who I learnt my skills from) and incredible seamstress, went into nursing after the Bradford textile mills closed. My father left his studies in medicine during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution but always kept a strong belief in both conventional and natural medicine working together, a belief I would adopt. We would spend all our summer holidays in the 60’s 70’s and early 80’s, travelling Europe embracing new foods and various therapies, the best education you could get, I was ahead of my time and never knew it.

Constantly being told I was a natural healer in treating people both mentally and physically, (after a local office job brought me no satisfaction), fate moved me to retrain in a new direction. At the age of 24, a drink driver almost killed me in a head-on collision on Christmas Eve 1987. Sustaining multiple head injuries and a damaged sciatic nerve, I defied the doctors and learned to walk again after 12 months of non-conventional treatment, using complementary therapies. It was this ‘life changing’ experience that led me to work in the field of health and holistic medicine.

Building my knowledge……

Working as a freelance consultant for Likisma, showed me I had the right skills needed to teach, train & learn more about working with essential oils and plants. It gave me the confidence to stand in front of a group of people, sometimes over a hundred, to deliver what they needed in training. I had an excellent ability to organising people and made sure I delivered structured training courses so that people always reached their targets/goals. I had a good head for planning and executed my instructions in a fun, but easy way so that students felt inspired.

Over the years, I studied and learned multiple disciplines in complementary medicine and once my own business was established, my reputation grew amongst professional therapists. I received many enquiries from individual therapists who wanted to enhance their own skills in business. I set up my training academy and wrote three business courses which were approved by HABIA.

Helping others……

As the founder of LT therapy, I now run my main back pain clinic in Idle, on the Leeds/Bradford border in West Yorkshire. In 2012, I was offered the opportunity to run a second clinic in Harley Street London, so that my specialised therapy could be reached by clients from Central & South England as well as overseas. As my brand and client base grew, over the years, I became known as ‘The Muscle Whisperer’ based on my natural ability to understand muscles and the mind connection.  Professional therapists who wanted to train in LT therapy contacted me and this led to the development of my LT training course. It was approved by the CThA in June 2013.

I am currently studying an MSc Research Degree in Advanced Complementary Medicine and I am a senior associate member of ‘The Royal Society of Medicine.’ Complementary medicine is a fast-growing area where the public now spend over £200 million pounds a year on therapies and treatments. I still believe that contemporary and complementary medicine can work together. Understanding new advancements in this field of natural treatments is vital, to quash any negative perceptions that doctors have of complementary and alternative therapies. Supporting case studies and new findings with evidence based medicine, will strengthen links between the two and at the same time, help people in the best possible way.

Telephone: Sophia Kupse on 07957 113425.
Email her on: sophiathemw@gmail.com
The Muscle Whisperer Clinic in London is located at:
Wimpole Therapeutics
2, Wimpole Street
The Muscle Whisperer Clinic in Yorkshire is located at:
19 Oaklands
Bradford BD10 8RG.

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