Why become an LT Therapist?

LT Therapy (Langellotti Tri-Therapy) is a treatment that involves bodywork and mind connection. It is an advanced therapy I developed over 25 years and has been well received in the public and press. It allows the client to understand why they suffer back pain or any physical pain, when no injury, physical trauma or illness is the cause. LT Therapy, is a natural treatment that offers immediate healing results, alongside organic pain relief. It supports mind body recovery, allowing the client to reduce overuse of opioid and painkiller medication, to help prevent dependency. Through its unique method, I teach you the ‘LT Therapy Mapping System’ founded by myself, that will open the body’s natural pathway of self-healing, by resetting muscle memory. It is this resetting process, that immediately brings pain relief and positive results to the client’s mind and body, reinstating wellbeing.

Why invest in an Established Business Brand?

Forbes business magazine reported that 90% of small businesses fail, that’s 9 out of 10 within three years. ‘These statistics are not intended to discourage entrepreneurs, but to encourage them to work smarter and harder.’ One of the main reasons for failure is that people produce products or treatments that are not in demand or nobody wants. 42% of them identified the “lack of a market need for their product” as the single biggest reason for their failure. LT Therapy is a treatment in growing demand, as people look for an alternative way to treat their pain, when medication fails them.  Based on its successful formula, high interest with the press and the daily enquiries I receive from all over the UK, people are now looking for an LT Therapist in their area, hence the need to meet this demand with a new training course launching in 2018.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) is a growing market, where the total UK annual spend on CAM treatments is £6.5 billion, a market that has grown by nearly 50 per cent in five years. Sustaining a CAM business, can offer the CAM therapist many challenges, which can reduce or prevent growth of their business.  Even if you already have a great treatment and established practice, many therapists are too busy treating clients and overlooking key aspects of the business process, such as the necessary paperwork, ensuring regular media coverage is maintained, as well as their own health and wellbeing. Successful therapists understand, that they must work on their business, not in their business to prevent ‘burn out ‘and this can be difficult, especially if you work alone in your practice, when all you want to do is focus on the treatments you offer.

As the founder of LT Therapy and author of three popular self-help books, I have spent the last 30 years learning how to get the very best from a Complementary Therapy business, using a winning formula and therapy, to sustain credibility and establish it as an ongoing success.  My proven track record and national media coverage, attracts and reaches worldwide audiences, which led to the development of my second clinic in London.

By investing in my therapy, you will be part of a successful global brand with the continued support needed to ensure your business flourishes and prospers. You will receive everything that is associated with a winning brand, from continual education, individual website, stationary, uniform, regular national press coverage and more, all the ingredients needed to succeed. Whether you currently run your own business and want to increase your skills for growth, or if you were in business, but came out of your own practice having struggled, look no further- now is the time to invest in an established brand that has all the credentials to succeed.


Register Your Interest Today.

If you are a professional qualified Complementary & Alternative Medicine therapist in the UK or overseas and would like to train in LT Therapy, please register your interest. You can email me your full CV or current details such as name, the therapy/therapies you are proficient in, where you practice and why you would like to train as an LT therapist.




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