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We visit the ‘muscle whisperer’ to find out if a back massage can heal your emotional pain

Sophia Kupse digs her fingers hard into my sore left shoulder, and cheerily asks if it hurts. ‘Yes!’ I squeak, hoping she’ll stop.

Instead, she digs deeper, until I wonder if she is trying to pummel me into submission.

The truth is quite the opposite. Sophia, known by her clients as the ‘muscle whisperer’, believes we store up emotional pain in the knotted muscles of our backs — and her brutal treatment is designed to release it.

She says that in 25 years of practice she has developed a ‘map’ of places on your back where specific emotional problems cause pain.

Lower back hurting? It’s something from your childhood. An ache on your left side? Must be to do with a male boss, relative or partner. Neck pain? It’s linked to what’s happening in your life now. Read the Full Article

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Sophia Kupse is a leading industry expert in the field of health and beauty with over 20 years knowledge and experience covering both products and treatments.

She regularly works with PR companies, the press and local radio to deliver a premium service when supporting various brands, articles and up to date reviews on optimum services.

A busy blogger, interactive with social media, Facebook and Twitter, Sophia is always at the forefront of the latest innovative creations.

Telephone: Sophia Kupse on 07957 113425.
Email her on:
The Muscle Whisperer Clinic in London is located at:
Wimpole Therapeutics
2, Wimpole Street
The Muscle Whisperer Clinic in Yorkshire is located at:
19 Oaklands
Bradford BD10 8RG.

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