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Being Brilliant with Amy Hackett-Jones – Episode 15

Holistic Pain Expert aka the Muscle Whisperer Sophia Kupse joins Amy to talk about how to eliminate back or muscle pain naturally and/or bring more balance you’re your life, don’t miss this episode of Be~ing Brilliant! In this wide-ranging interview, Amy and Sophia will be talking about her ground-breaking treatment, ‘Langellotti Tri-Therapy’ which links negative emotions/stress to pain in the body, in particularly, the neck, shoulders and back. “It works by resetting muscle memory. Like any computer or mobile phone when they get a blip, they need to be reset – so does our muscle memory,” says Sophia. Amy and Sophia will also discuss how to bring more balance into your life by understanding the importance of getting the basics of life right. Eating the right foods, drinking enough water, sleeping enough, practising daily meditation, mindfulness and gratitude. Listen now 

Kirklees TV Weekly Wind Up

Published on 30 Nov 2016

Weekly Wind-Up brings information and opinion to the people of Kirklees and the wider Yorkshire area.

On this edition, we join Nicola Green for the Health Section. Nicola is joined by Sophia Kupse, also known as The Muscle Whisperer. Sophia is the founder of LT Therapy and the author of three self-help books. Sophia joins us today to discuss how our emotions can be linked to pain in the back.

Telephone: Sophia Kupse on 07957 113425.
Email her on:
The Muscle Whisperer Clinic in London is located at:
Wimpole Therapeutics
2, Wimpole Street
The Muscle Whisperer Clinic in Yorkshire is located at:
19 Oaklands
Bradford BD10 8RG.

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