Langellotti Tri-Therapy

‘LT Therapy’ is a unique three-way system

used to heal Back and Body Pain.


What is Langellotti Tri-Therapy?

‘The Langellotti Tri-Therapy’ or ‘LT Therapy Medical massage’ as it is generally known, is a unique dual treatment that uses both talking therapy and physical massage, incorporating an advanced three-way system, to treat and heal acute and chronic Back and Body Pain. By resetting muscle memory using the Tri- method application, physical pain is instantly reduced, allowing deep-rooted emotional stress, the cause of pain, to be dissolved specifically held in the neck, shoulder and back muscles.

LT Therapy Medical massage is a ground-breaking treatment that targets pain primarily through talking therapy with medical massage, which has known benefits supported by the NHS. Medical massage addresses both the psychological and physical causes of pain, allowing the mind and body to heal at the same time. When a person’s pain has occurred without any trauma, accident or disease present, then the focus is on why has the pain, whether acute or chronic, been triggered. The first appointment will analyse where and why pain is held in the muscles using the unique LT Therapy ‘mapping system’ developed by Sophia Kupse and exclusive to this treatment. The second appointment will show if and how the pain has changed due to the initial reset of muscle memory linked to the mind and body.

Further follow up reviews for maintenance and well-being can either be a diagnostic treatment, using both talking and specialised targeted massage allowing the client to understand, how and why the pain has occurred before it is released. This benefits the client by enabling them after the treatment to work naturally on the psychological and physical side of pain using proven techniques provided by Sophia, to prevent or reduce pain reoccurring. The client can also choose to have a non-diagnostic treatment with no talking, this helps to evoke relaxation during the treatment (the price is the same), but the client has to advice the therapist at time of treatment to incorporate the change.

The first specialised medical massage treatment of its kind in the UK, specifically used to treat both psychological and physical pain, is now the primary choice for people involved in medical and accident claims. Its distinctive dual therapy using the ‘mapping system’ of muscle pain and medical massage application, helps the client recover quicker, as both the emotional side, as well as the physical impact of the trauma are addressed. LT Therapy Medical massage has gone on to help clients get diagnosed with PTSD as it uses a new advanced muscle release technique developed by its founder Sophia Kupse, incorporating geothermal therapy through hot volcanic stone and ice marble. Based on the client’s consultation, bespoke organic essential oils are blended to meet the client’s emotional and physical needs and assist in the natural self-healing process of the mind and body.

More and more clients are now seeking alternative holistic treatments in order to resolve their physical and emotional wellbeing. Scientific evidence shows us that 80% of back pain alone is created as a direct result of today’s stressful lifestyle. Through studying her own clientele, Sophia saw that the majority of those coming for treatment to resolve back pain were suffering that pain as a result of stress related conditions such as anxiety, depression, bereavement, and divorce, to name a few, rather than because of physical injury or trauma.

Using her pioneering method, she successfully treated and resolved her own mother’s long-term back problems, due to a nursing career spanning over 20 years. Sophia went on to have continued success with every client benefiting from their first treatment, naming her therapy after her Italian heritage.

The physiological benefits of alternating hot and cold to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven. Heat from the Volcanic stones detoxes the muscles, releasing negative muscle memory. Cold from the ice marble puts the positive charge back into the muscle, restoring balance back to muscle memory. LT Therapy Medical massage administers multi-level relief creating therapeutically healing and re-energising responses in the mind and body. It helps with the treatment of both chronic and acute symptoms and achieves results quickly and efficiently without the pain associated with deep tissue massage.

Thanks to growing media interest highlighting the stresses of modern day living and the impact it has on our emotional wellbeing, LT Therapy Medical massage has been seen as the new revolutionary cutting-edge treatment to help support and balance our physical and mental state.

Sophia currently runs two LT Therapy medical massage clinics, one in Leeds/Bradford West Yorkshire and the other in the Harley Street district in Wimpole Street London. Her treatment receives continued five-star reviews from client’s, professionals and media, being featured in over 60 regional and national press publications: Tatler, Daily Express, Prima magazine to name a few.

A Natural Organic Treatment

‘LT Therapy’ uses a tri-method system made up of three key elements that release back pain due to emotional or physical build up. The tri-method consists of an advanced muscle release technique, cryo and thermo therapy in the form of volcanic heat and ice marble.

Using a signature blend of organic essential oils tailor made to the clients emotional and physical needs, Sophia works the muscles at every level ‘listening’ not only to the client’s response, but also to how the muscles react to the various changes in pressure.

Natural heat is applied using volcanic rock sourced from a volcano in Columbia South America. Tumbled over 1,000 times to create a beautiful smooth surface, the rock retains heat up to 62 degrees. The heat has to be maintained at this level in order to cut through and release negative energy held in the muscle as crystallised lactic acid. Toxins are removed rapidly, instantly reducing pain.

Natural ice white marble sourced from Carrara in Tuscany, Italy, is used as a natural anti-inflammatory sending a positive charge to the muscles, thus speeding the healing process.

Back pain is rapidly a growing epidemic worldwide, responsible for many conditions such as painkiller addiction and depression to name a few. It is our body’s natural response to 21st century life and living in the fast lane 24/7. ‘LT Therapy’ evolved from years of treating people with acute and chronic back pain. Its purpose was to stop the back muscles from reacting to stress and begin to re-educate and reverse the damaging effects it was having on the client, both physically and mentally.

‘LT Therapy’ targets the whole back holistically and at the same time, releases pain felt elsewhere in the body. When Sophia treats someone, she is treating their mind, body and spirit as a whole. The client comes away in a state of relaxation; ensuring long term benefits are achieved.

Sophia believes when you eliminate back pain, you free the mind. Using natural sources of energy and organic essential oils, this synergistic combination always ensures the client feels amazing and leaves with a positive state of mind after just one treatment.

Her self-help books explain not only the reason as to why (now more than ever) we are more vulnerable to back pain at all ages, but also the need to understand how our back naturally responds to daily stress and what we need to do in order to eliminate it and prevent premature ageing of the mind and body.

Why should a client choose LT Therapy as a treatment?

LT Therapy Medical massage is fast, effective with long-term benefits, treating both sides of mental and physical pain.

LT Therapy Medical massage brings the ‘balance’ element back into our busy modern day lives, helping us adopt the ‘work, life, balance’ philosophy.

This revolutionary pain-free treatment allows the therapist to eliminate toxins built up in the muscles that eventually lead to neck, shoulder and back problems, created through daily stress, whilst healing both mind and body, restoring total wellbeing.

Why use various temperatures in the treatment?

The application of cold ice marble causes a reduction of inflammation and a contraction of the blood vessels and tissues. When you have an area of inflammation, think of it as ‘fire’ that causes the pain. To reduce the pain, you need to put out the fire. You do this by placing cold on the affected area such as an ice pack. If you add heat in the early stages, it is like adding another log on the fire, you are increasing your pain. After reducing inflammation naturally, the volcanic heat allows expansion of the vessels and tissues to gently discharge lactic acid, generated from a build-up of toxic negative emotions stored in the muscle memory.

Once the treatment is complete and balance is restored in the mind and body, positive energy, is directed back to the muscles. The client regains full mobility and flexibility to the area of concern with little discomfort, understanding that by altering the way they think when dealing with stress or approaching a problem, they can move forward to prevent it re-occurring again.  This treatment is 100% natural and works to balance both mind and body, re-establishing wellbeing.

What type of Conditions can be treated?

A variety of conditions are treated with clients who suffer from Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff injury, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Whiplash, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, PTSD, OCD, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD and various forms of Autism. Knowing and identifying how your internal conversation directly affects your physical pain, allows you to become more in control of your mental and physical wellbeing. LT Therapy Medical massage brings release and relief to deep-rooted pain in the muscles, restoring and reinstating free movement of muscle activity again, freeing the mind.


Telephone: Sophia Kupse on 07957 113425.
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